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Alcord – Alcohol Tracker



Alcord is an easy to use alcohol consumption tracker, logbook and blood alcohol content calculator. Log your drinks and Alcord keeps records of your drinking and habits. Alcord estimates your blood alcohol content (BAC) and plots a chart of your BAC indicating when you get below to your set legal limit or sobriety. Alcord maintains a timeline and logbook of your drinking.


Alcord has very versatile settings.   You can set it to take into account your size, age, gender and metabolism.  Settings offer alternatives for you to adjust Alcord to units that you are familiar with.  Alcord supports US, imperial and metric units, and offers many unit options for displaying BAC-values.


You can see at a glance all the information about your on-going drinking session on all views. You can change the view by swiping the display of your device.


Adding drinks is also made quick and easy.  You may choose the name, volume and alcohol content of your drink freely. Add drinks to your Favorites for a quick access later. Select a drink from a list of the most recent drinks, or choose a drink from the Recipes book.  You may also create their drinks by using Alcord's Drink Mixer.


By logging your drinks you will see it all on your timeline and maintain a logbook of your drinking and drinking habits. You can browse the timeline and logbook and see the details of any drinking session.  Alternatively you can view monthly or all-time statistics.

These features make Alcord the best app of its kind!

The developer has given special attention to ease and convenience of using Alcord while having fun for example in restaurants, bars, and pubs.

Alcord – Alcohol Tracker has versatile settings and many more amazing little features for the convenience of users.  

Here you have a taste of a few of these amazing features:

- all relevant information can view at a glance.

- adding drinks is made quick and easy.  

- create your own drinks – choose alcoholic and non-alcoholic ingredients and Alcord

  calculates the alcohol content.

- includes drink recipe book for most common drinks and cocktails.

- share your drinking status.

- choose the type of drink and your drinking speed.

- log a drink later if you forgot to do it right away.

- tailored personalized notifications for yourself.  

- BAC-chart indicates your past, current, projected BAC and when you get below legal limit

  or to sobriety.  

- add food and other incidents influencing your BAC.

- choose a brighter Theme and display for restaurants, bars, and pubs with dim

   light conditions.

- browse the logbook and see the details of any saved drinking session.

- view the BAC-chart and details of your past drinking sessions.

- view extensive statistics such as maximums, totals, and averages.

- track your progress and unlock in-app badges.        

- choose units that you are familiar with.

- choose most common options for displaying BAC-values.

- give a name for your drinking session.

- set it to take into account your size, age, gender and metabolism.

Alcord – Alcohol Tracker will be constantly improved and new features added after release.

Waiver and disclaimer

The developer of Alcord – Alcohol Tracker disclaims any and all liability for any and all consequences for any and all users using the app and the results it calculates.  

The users are using Alcord and the results calculated at their own risk.  The blood alcohol content calculations are based on a scientific model. The accuracy of the calculated blood alcohol content depend on, including but not limited to, the accuracy of the scientific model, the accuracy of data in the drinks selections and the accuracy of the data given by the user. Due to inaccuracies the calculated results do not necessarily represent the real blood alcohol content. The calculated values are just reference values.

Alcord – Alcohol Trackers blood alcohol content estimations and projections are for entertainment purposes only.  Alcord does not substitute any real blood alcohol testing such as breathalyzers or blood tests.  Alcord is not to be used to estimate whether user’s blood alcohol content levels are acceptable for operating machinery or motor vehicles.

Please follow your local laws and guidelines when it comes to the use of alcohol or this app.  We do not knowingly contact or do business with minors.


Google Play release date 13 Dec 2018

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Alcord – Alcohol Tracker is free, contains Ads, includes In-App purchases and is available on Google Play Store.



Alcord – Alcohol Tracker is developed and published by CONINOR LTD.


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