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Alcord provides you with a real-time tracking of your drinking.  You can see at a glance all the information about your on-going drinking session.

Adding drinks is quick and easy. You may also create your own drinks.

By logging your drinks you will collect an extensive logbook and history of your drinking.


Alcord offers you a real-time tracking of your on-going drinking. You'll see an estimation of your current blood alcohol content and its projection

Alcord provides a timeline of your drinking events.

Alcord supports US, imperial and metric units.


Adding drinks

Logging drinks is quick and easy.  Choose the name, volume and alcohol content of your drink freely.

Add drinks to your Favorites for quick access later. Select a drink from a list of the most recent drinks, or choose a cocktail or mixed drink from the Drink List.

You can even mix your own by using Alcord's Drink Mixer.


Alcord keeps a record of your drinks and will collect an extensive history of your drinking.

You can browse the logbook and see the details of any saved drinking session.

Alternatively you can view montly or all-time statistics.

This is the best app of its kind!

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Which units Alcord supports?

Alcord supports metric, Imperial and US units.

What are the user language alternatives Alcord offers?

Alcord will be available in English on release, and in the developers' native language Finnish.

How can I give feedback to the developers?

The most convenient way to give feedback is to use the Send Feedback messaging of Alcord.  You'll find it on the same view as the settings menu. Send Feedback is the last item on that screen.

Or you may allow the app to send usage analytics or crash reports. You can enable both in the settings menu.

The App is available in Google Play Store!

Download it now! Let us know if you like it!